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How Concerts Help My Anxiety

Concerts; some people say there’s no use to them, some say they love
them, and some might even say that they don't get the point of concerts.

Personally, I’m that girl who’s known as the "concert enthusiast." I
attend concerts more than people say I should. I guess you can blame my mother for making me a concert lover, because she bought me tickets to my first concert when I was only 7 years old. In other words, she sort of created a concert monster.

I’ve been to almost 50 concerts in my life so far, and I definitely
count on making that list bigger.

You might be wondering why I love concerts so much, and here's why: I struggle with anxiety. Sometimes life throws obstacles at you and you need to face them. Concerts are my way of facing those obstacles; they have a way of making you forget
about your problems for a few hours as you sing along to the songs created by your favorite artists that got you through tough times.

Sometimes you feel like you have nothing to li…

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