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How Music Affects My Mental Health

While struggling with my mental health, music became my escape. It always helped yet I hadn’t really understood how. Music is a way you can express yourself and figure out yourself through. I would have a bad day and sit on the couch put in my earbuds and jam out until my stress started to fade. Music is always going to be my escape because it’s the one thing that can lift my spirits. Everyone has different music taste but I love all forms of punk, rock, heavy metal and grunge. Those do seem like scary music types but I would just sing my heart out and everything else would go away. Music makes me feel like I am floating when in reality I am still where I was before yet in a much happier mood. I found of from many sources that music can scientifically improve your mood. Many people find their escape when struggling with something hard but just stay positive and hold onto what makes you happy and what makes you…. You. Whether it be art, dance, music or anything else just remember to ke…

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